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~in early spring of 2014 i recorded these songs on an iphone then edited them in garageband as best as I could~


released May 7, 2017

˚✧ thank you sandeep raghavan for helping me master ✧༚



all rights reserved


ZEUSTATE Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: morning
blue light
no one to feel all right with
no space to store the pain
through eyes I’ll let it rain
alone in my head
falling between what’s been said
i am taken by you
dreaming that you’ll love me too
Track Name: young
come to the kingdom
we used to dream
when we were young.
grab my hand and walk
there’s no need to talk.
at the foot of the trees
stand still and breathe
just breathe.

rest on my shoulder
like you once did
when we were young.
let’s escape
in each others eyes
until dark hides the sky.
thoughts running so deep
as our hearts beat as one.

come to the kingdom
we used to dream
when we were young.

we were young.
Track Name: picture
i put your picture on my wall and stare
i took that picture when I didn’t care
broken pieces you’ve left have turned to stone
and now my empty heart so very cold
oh look, can’t recall the happiness it took
oh see? can’t remember how we used to be
time passes by so slowly
i move on by pretending to forget
that world in which we once met
oh, I cry, nothing’s fair and nothing’s right
oh I dream of how we were endless it used to seem
Track Name: faces
strange are the faces of the lonely souls
they change with each season
grow dark with the cold
hidden behind shy eyes are tears that will never flow
breathing out through parted lips are wounds no one would know
Track Name: no
no i said no i said no i said no i said
no i said no i said no i said no i said
no I said to you but you went through with it
smashing plates to the ground to the ground
born to rage in a state unbound
who do you think you are? my eyes scream
as the hands which held me made me bleed.
no no no no [...]
Track Name: denouement
i flip through the pages of the love that i used to know
tryna find the stages
tryna find what made you go
i can’t let you go
holding on to the pages i know
to you i am bound
still haven’t written the ending down

come back and say your words
end the story though it hurts
on a cliff I’m hanging on
only you can save me now
Track Name: skoola
let down blame fate
the sound of grace
breathe in breathe out.
no sin no doubt.
away inside
no faith no pride
forgive forget
give in regret

brace myself for days of hell
raise myself raise my shell
Track Name: cold
open my eyes and it’s a brand new day
what a surprise it’s a brand new day
look into the mirror and all I see
is a pair of legs with hair down to her knees
go to school it’s all words with no meaning.
not afraid to talk 'cause it’s inside that i’m screaming
faces turn their stares pierce my skin
they all know still i won’t let them in
time goes by but i don’t care
nothing matters and nothing’s fair
so I keep on walking to 'till I disappear
i keep on walking to the wind in my ears


how could i get this low? low?
everything i touch is cold. cold.
i want to cry for help but no? no.
deep inside my soul i’m scared. i’m scared.
i'm scared

walk through my life and i feel nothing
i try to be happy and i try to be sad
“everything is wrong and all is bad!”
but then there’s beauty and it’s still growing???
so i go to bed with a warm cup of tea
stare at the wall and just try to be
breathe in.
breathe out
but every breath that I breathe brings me closer to death~

shut my eyes for one last time
listen to my heart for one last time
‘i’m not afraid and all is fine’ huh
say prayer and hope i have time
a little more time. time.
Track Name: stay
stay stay in the clear
day by day disappear
tell me tell me how to fade
stay stay in the shade

born chasing crowds of wool
born to a world of wolves
feeding off vowed freedom land beyond the fences of the hand
Track Name: goodbye
so long world
time to leave this life
so long girl
no tears, no fears, just goodbye

rewind to the age of happiness and praise
flash back to the years, the simple days now gone
think about the ones you love. the ones you’ll care from above
think about the tears they'll shed year after year.
from your back a weight will disappear.
but what about the painful weight you left down here singing
so long world
time to leave this life
so long girl
no tears, no fears just goodbye?